Lanouvellefamille Night

On April 20, 2021, in order to promote home culture, deepen consumers’ understanding of the family service industry, and lead and promote the exposure and development of the family service industry, the 16th SIUF Shenzhen Underwear Exhibition united Lanouvellefamille to create “SIUF 2021 Lanouvellefamille Night” brand special press conference.

“Havana, Cuba Street Corner Show” is a wonderful performance. Lanouvellefamille perfectly interprets the charm of Cuban pajamas. The energetic plot performance enables everyone to enjoy a visual feast and the joy and happiness brought by Lanouvellefamille.

Lanouvellefamille’s mission is to bring consumers a comfortable life experience. More and more people learn to love and make themselves more free and healthy. We not only sell products, but also sell people’s thoughts and try to resonate with consumers. This is the value of Lanouvelefamille.

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