2021 Lanouvellefamille Spring and Summer New Product Conference

From September 15th to 18th, 2020, the “2021 Lanouvellefamille Spring and Summer New Product Conference” began at the Shantou Headquarters in China. In the venue full of Cuban retro atmosphere, our employees from all over the country gathered to hold meetings.

The work of the chief designer Mr. Ma Bin took Cuba as the theme, leading customers to experience the natural and romantic life in this city.

Lanouvellefamille has formed a unique brand style and unique brand design concept. The brand designer gave an in-depth explanation of the new product series—— “MOJITO” and recommended the “MMRabbit” product series to everyone. This interesting IP symbol interpreted Lanouvelefamille’s 3H brand concept–Home, Health, Holiday, and it became popular immediately after it was put on the shelves of the spring and summer market. In the combination of description and model display, the franchisees had a comprehensive understanding of the products, and we immediately received the first large orders for the new products in 2021.

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