When An International Supermodel Meets French Romance

This girl has blue cat eyes, a small and delicate chin, and a slim figure. She is the international supermodel ROXY, the clothing model of the high-end clothing brand ZARA, and the makeup model of the high-end makeup brand CHANEL. ROXY has been featured on the covers of mainstream fashion magazines for many times and has been named one of the world’s top models.

In 2018, La Nouvelle Famille collaborated with this supermodel to photograph our products. The 154-year-old La Nouvelle Famille brand is a representative of romance and elegance, while the SIUF angel supermodel is the incarnation of young fashion. Their combination will inevitably set off a French fashion trend.

The brand of La Nouvelle Famille that focuses on the 3H life has been looking for the contemporary opening way of French culture, and is committed to the dissemination of cultural lifestyle and life aesthetics.

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