21 Sets Of Pajamas——Women Elegant Power

Mr. Ma Bin, the designer of LA NOUVELLE FAMILLE, said: “If there are no 21 sets of pajamas in a woman’s closet, she is not a delicate woman.” Spring, summer, autumn, winter, sexy, classic, elegant, long, short, thin, thick……For women, 21 pajamas are not just a number, but a kind of self-reflection: the courage to explore career, to maintain family harmony, to pursue lifestyle……

There are many kinds of women’s identities:  the treasure in the eyes of parents,  the princess in the eyes of lover,  everything in the children’s world. Women’s pajamas are not only external decorations, but also rooted in women’s lifestyles and attitudes. Women’s charm from the inside out not only shows personality, but also establishes the temperament of the whole family.

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