2022 S/S Cotton Tour New Product Launch

2021 is almost to be the end.

The Spring/Summer 2022 La Nouvelle Famille runway show has been quietly opened.

With the theme of comfortable cotton color tour,

In the romantic atmosphere, spring and summer show has been quietly staged

Take you into another amorous feelings

Cotton tOUR

As time passing time

Cycle regeneration stretches out the texture time

The La Nouvelle Famille has brought us a dream

Modern high class big show

Xinjiang long-staple cotton grows in naturally fertile soil

Create comfortable soft and healthy life for Chinese people

Born in the soil, gentle and harmonious expression of nature white soft petals,

Create a healthy and comfortable way of life, representing a pure and gentle heart

Feel thick desert amorous feelings in a happy design

Retro, gorgeous, healing, natural

Rich artistic prints and playfulness

Interesting and refined style promotes a colorful life concept

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